Label with Hole

Cardboard label with hole for easy application.

Cardboard Label with Fold

Folded cardboard label.

Formatted Label

Shaped labels, we give shape to your ideas!

Laminated Label

Label with shiny or dull lamination. Superior resistance, smooth touch and high quality appearance. Superior resista (...)

Label with UV Varnish

Label with Shiny or dull UV varnish, localized or not, highlights the label or selected details.

Glued Double Cardboard Label

Label used to achieve high thicknesses or different materials on front and back. It consists of two cardboard glued (...)

Perforated Label

Perforated label with detachable area.

Hot Stamped Label

Hot stamped Label in gold, silver and other metallic colours.

Label with Embossing

Cardboard label with embossing. Highlight your label!