More control over event management.

We combined our textile wristbands with RFID technology for greater comfort and discretion. Make your management of Accreditations, Access Controls, Capacity, Staff Management, Parking, VIP Access, among others. All this in the platform we developed especially for this product.


A whole new dimension.

Through the SmartViewer App you can communicate, validate and/or promote your product. The image applied to it is recognized through a smartphone, which leads them to interact and opens doors to diverse digital experiences.


Hand in hand with the future.

E-print® technology consists of the printing of electronic circuits using the Special Heat Transfers.

The introduction of conductivity in technical transfers allows us to create a new approach in this field. Managing all engineering in raw materials, printing technology, but also electronics, software and hardware, it is possible to achieve innovative applications!


Protect your brand

Brandprotech® custom solutions are translated into special products and systems, reducing the risk of counterfeiting and protecting the value of your brand.

Protect yourself from counterfeiting and maintain the authenticity of your brand.


Technology tailored for you

We have a specialized department that can help you innovate in projects with RFID technology. Contact us and count on our availability to study new projects and applications of this technology with so much potential.

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