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Condade Project - Portugal 2020

Project nº POCI-01-0247-FEDER-033126

Region: North Regional PO Promoter: Heliotextil - Etiquetas e Passamanarias, SA Co-promoter: Aveiro University Financial support under the system of incentives for research and technological development. Project designation - Condade: Innovative conductive textile stickers. Approval date: 27/07/2018 Start date: 01/10/2018 Date of the conclusion: 30/09/2021
Total investment - 811.548,40 € E U : FEDER - financial support - 587.770,44 € National public financial support

Project Overview

Heliotextil, Etiquetas e Passamanarias, S.A. applied and approved a project to Portugal 2020, Enterprise R&D Incentive System type, with the total eligible investment amount of € 381,126.43.

The approved application is included in the Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization, thematic objective "OT 1 - Reinforcing Research Technological Development and Innovation" and its investment priority is to promote corporate investment in R&I.

The investment is located in the industrial zone in the municipality of São João da Madeira, district of Aveiro.

This project is part of a strategy implemented by Heliotextil, S. A. to develop innovative textile adhesives for incorporating electronic devices into clothing. The goal is to develop adhesives that allow overcoming failures in the current production process in terms of lack of conductivity, flexibility, adhesion and compatibility with transfer temperatures and wash resistance.

Heliotextil has a leading position in the domestic market in several of its manufacturing segments - transfers, trimmings, woven and stamped labels - a position that has been built through a long presence in the market for more than 50 years, a policy of constant investments in modernization of processes, products and brands, and innovation, a position that aims to enhance.

The project will be carried out in co-promotion with the University of Aveiro, the investment plan is characterized by investment in people specializing in research, appropriate equipment and materials, covering various study activities innovation in polymers and processes, industrial research and practical application.